How excessive sweating affects you

Our every day activities are affected by excessive sweating, also know as Hyperhidrosis (HH). HH can stain books and papers by leaving smear marks, makes the fingers slippery on computer keyboards and even prevents us from playing our favourite sports like baseball golf or tennis.

Slippery hands can easily drop objects and manual work becomes difficult and prone to injury because of the difficulty in holding instruments safely. People with sweaty palms will not qualify for certain jobs like hairdressing or healthcare. A moist and cold handshake will not inspire confidence in a job interview. Other jobs like working in a cafeteria or a bakery will be difficult.

HH may even disable musicians. Politicians and speakers who sweat will have a hard time to convey their message to their audience because sweat conveys anxiety and lack of confidence if not incompetence. Just look at this clip of Marco Rubio, an American politician and a well know hyperhidrosis sufferer, avoid at all costs shaking hands with his fellow GOP candidates during a national television debate. That couldn’t feel good.

Luckily for us, we have a product that treats excessive sweating for your hands and feet. It’s called the Iontophoresis ID-1000 and we are pretty proud about it. Find out more about it here.

If you are looking for a long-term relief of your HH problems, you should seek to find a solution with lowest maintenance, long-term costs and with great efficiency.

Iontophoresis easily qualifies as the best long-term solution to hyperhidrosis. It performs noticeably better than antiperspirants which are not effective with those with a severe form of HH. Also iontophoresis uses a non-invasive approach without using any potentially dangerous chemicals. It is as efficient as botox injections but is less painful and less expensive.

For only $399, you can buy our iontophoresis machine, solve your problems and can live a sweat-free life without embarrassing situations.


- Elizabeth

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