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How excessive sweating affects you

For those of us who suffer from excessive sweating, every day activities can be come tedious, awkward and even uncomfortable.     

Hyperhidrosis can stain books and papers by leaving smear marks or wet spots, it can make typing on keyboards slippery, sticky or just plain uncomfortable, and make sports like baseball or tennis really difficult to play because of a lack of grip or faster deterioration of the grip material.

Slippery hands and reduced grip can make it easier for someone to drop things during manual work. This can make someone prone to injury, or appear clumsy. People with sweaty palms will often not qualify for certain jobs like hairdressing or healthcare. A moist and cold handshake will not inspire confidence in a job interview. Other jobs like working in a cafeteria or a bakery will be difficult.

Hyperhidrosis may even disable musicians. Politicians and speakers who sweat have a hard time conveying their message to their audience because sweat is a sign of anxiety or lack of confidence, if not incompetence.


Have a look at Donald Trump and his opinion of former candidate Marco Rubio. He calls him disgusting after acknowledging his condition.


Marco Rubio isn't the only person in politics whose been ridiculed for having hyperhidrosis. Take a look at what the Prime Minister of Malta said about his opponent.

Although palmoplantar hyperhidrosis is a medical condition, it isn’t always a sign of a disease and can be a problem even healthy people have. People looking for treatment may find procedures and surgery costly and invasive.

Luckily for us, we have a product that treats excessive sweating for your hands and feet. It’s called the Iontophoresis ID-1000 and we are pretty proud about it.

At a fraction of the cost of other machines, and boasting a 98% success rate, it's time to say goodbye to hyperhidrosis with the iD-1000.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, try Iontoderma for a freer drier life.



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