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Iontophoresis vs Botox : What option is best for you?

So you are suffering from sweaty hands and sweater feet? We know, it sucks, like really bad…. This condition is extremely socially disabling and can turn a simple greeting into a stressful situation. The worst thing about it, it’s so taboo that nobody want’s to talk about it. That’s why people call it the silent handicap. 

Most people have never even heard about hyperhidrosis, the condition that causes excessive sweating. Even most doctors don’t know what are all the treatments. Some will recommend you a topical antiperspirant but most will recommend you see a dermatologist.

The dermatologists can prescribe many different options depending on the patients case but often they resort to prescribing very expensive and painful botox injections. The reason for doing so is quite simple… they make a lot of money out of prescribing and administrating botox injections to their patients. For the patient, it could cost at least 1000$ each year to be treated with this solution.

What they won’t tell you is that there are many different treatment options for treating palmo-plantar hyperhidrosis, notably, the gold-standard, tap water iontophoresis treatments.

Problem with iontophoresis is that your physician cannot make money out of prescribing it, that’s why most of the time, you won’t hear about that option.

Nonetheless, iontophoresis is the best treatment option for most according to the International Hyperhidrosis Society.

Iontophoresis has a very high success rate, it as few or no side effects and most of all, it’s by far the most effective and economical option on the long run.

For as little as 400$, you can buy your own, mains powered iontophoresis unit for home use and never sweat again. Iontoderma ID-1000 is the most affordable iontophoresis machine on the market.

Iontophoresis works by blocking sweat glands from producing sweat by using the minerals contained in regular tap water.

If you want to know how iontophoresis compares with all available treatments, visit this link



- Elizabeth

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