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5 Ways You May Be Suffering from Excessive Sweating

Everyone sweats. It’s a normal and natural reaction to different situations and for some people, it’s not a problem. For those who suffer from hyperhidrosis though, excessive sweating can affect all aspects of their lives, whether physically, emotionally or mentally.

Palmoplantar hyperhidrosis is a common condition that affects the hands and feet. Most people suffering from excessively sweaty hands or feet do so in silence because they don’t know the symptoms, that treatment is available or that they aren’t alone.

Here are some ways to know if you might be suffering from palmoplantar hyperhidrosis:

Dreading social interactions

First impressions matter. If you have excessively sweaty hands, you may dread holding hands on a date, or shaking hands with your boss. That’s no reason to let your sweat hold you back. With drier hands you’ll greet people with confidence and self assurance.

Holding your device

In this day and age, it’s hard to go anywhere without our devices. We talk, text and browse from the palm of our hands. Excessive sweat can make these tasks tedious, uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing.


No one’s gym bag smells good, but if you have excessively sweaty hands and feet, you might find your exercise bags, shoes or laundry unpleasantly smelly. Hyperhidrosis shouldn’t stop you from doing the things you love.

Incessant sweating

Everyone sweats when it’s hot out as a way of keeping the body cool. If you find yourself sweating when it’s cold out, or have cold and clammy feet and hands you might be suffering from hyperhidrosis.

Skin problems

Chronic skin problems like athlete’s foot or bacterial infections can be a sign that you are suffering from hyperhidrosis. When you suffer from hyperhidrosis, excessive sweat buildup on the hands and feet can deteriorate your skin, which makes it easier for viruses and bacteria to enter.

Although palmoplantar hyperhidrosis is a medical condition, it isn’t always a sign of a disease and can be a problem even healthy people have. People looking for treatment may find procedures and surgery costly and invasive.

Luckily iontophoresis is a proven method of treating palmoplantar hyperhidrosis. Iontophoresis machines are a proven way of treating excessively sweaty hands or feet and thanks to Iontoderma, it's now a fraction of the cost of comparable devices.

At a fraction of the cost of other machines, and boasting a 98% success rate, it's time to say goodbye to hyperhidrosis with the iD-1000.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, try Iontoderma for a freer drier life.

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