How to use Iontoderma iD-1000

Hello everyone, 

We've had a lot of questions on how to use the device and since we haven't done a video yet, we decided to write you a blog post on how to use your Iontoderma. 

  1. Install the machine on a flat surface. 
  2. Assemble the parts and connect the banana plug cord to the electrodes first, then only, connect it to the power supply. 
  3. Add around 500 ml of warm water per tray.
  4. Enter a first hand or foot in the tray of your choice and then slowly enter the second one until the entire surface of the sole of the hands or feet are completely in contact with the water. 
  5. For hands treatment, we recommend using 12v and for foot 18v. If you can bear a higher level, you can do so without risks. Using a higher voltage will increase the efficiency of the treatment. 
  6. Stay there for 10 minutes and then, dry your hands if needed, disconnect the power supply from the banana plug cord, invert the current by switching the position of the red and black connectors and do another 10 minutes' treatment. 
  7. Dry your hands and disconnect the power supply from the banana plus connector. Unplug the banana cord from the electrode sockets. 
  8. Carefully transport the trays with the water, electrodes and soft protection mat still inside and tip them over a sink to empty the water. 
  9. Put the soft protection mat to dry for at least 4 hours in a dry environment, dry the stainless steel electrodes and the inside of the trays with a towel. 
  10. Once everything is dry, you can store all the parts in the closed plastic briefcase until next treatment

Repeat this process each day until fully dry. Usually takes one week or two, then adjust the frequency of treatment to stay dry at all times.

Contact us by e-mail for further information. You can also visit our page on iontophoresis.

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