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School's out, Flip-Flops are in

9 Situations That Girls That Sweat A Lot Will Understand

There’s nothing wrong with a good sweat especially when you are working out at the gym. But some of us are just prone to sweating more. Now that it’s summer, it’s even more of a struggle to go on a date and not look like you just ran a marathon. We feel you. That's why we've compiled this list of things that all ladies who sweat profusely can relate to. Girl, you are not alone!

You Always Wipe Your Face

You even take napkins without the coffee at Starbucks sometimes.

Nothing stresses you more than a handshake

Remember that first job interview? When you spent half of the conversation trying to convince yourself that, no, he couldn't feel how sweaty your palm was (spoiler alert: he could).



You Take off Your Clothes as Soon as You Are Alone

Definitely the best feeling in the world.


People always assume you are nervous or stressed about something

That might have created problems when you were trying to get through airport security.


White Clothes are Your Worst Enemy

You have a magical talent to turn them light yellow in a matter of weeks.

You Get Stuck to Car Seats, Restaurant Booths, Subway Benches...

No chair is safe, especially these fake leather seats. 

You Have Googled ‘’Excessive Sweating’’ To Try To Understand The Cause

You probably found out about something called hyperhidrosis and panicked because you thought it was a very dangerous disease.

Learn more about hyperhidrosis

You Would Do Anything To Make Your Excessive Sweating Stop

Let’s face it; What a relief would it be to be able to lead a normal life.


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