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Anxiety and Hyperhidrosis

     Although Hyperhidrosis is not a condition that leads to death or disability, it is one that can have deep effects on those who suffer. Everyone who has hyperhidrosis knows their own struggle, but some struggles are true for everyone with the condition.

What those who don’t suffer from hyperhidrosis see is the sweat, they smell the odor and feel the wetness. What they don’t see is the emotional and mental toll the condition takes on those who suffer.

In fact, those who suffer from hyperhidrosis have a higher frequency of anxiety than the general public and those with chronic diseases, almost 50% higher than the average person according to a recent study.


That’s far too much.


According to research done by Dr. Burato, “patients with anxiety disorders begin to avoid certain situations that appear to them to trigger anxiety, producing a vicious cycle composed of situation-anxiety avoidance.”

This anxiety then increases stress which can make sweating even worse. It is indeed a vicious cycle.


Why is sweating embarrassing?

Sweating, sweat stains or odor created by sweating is often associated with poor hygiene by others. Sweat is a breeding ground for bacteria, and while sweat itself often doesn’t smell, the smells created by the bacteria can make things like taking off your shoes embarrassing.

Excessively sweaty hands or feet limit people’s ability to play sports, develop interpersonal relationships and wear shoes and clothes. Many people suffering from hyperhidrosis change clothes many times a day or make footwear and wardrobe decisions based on their sweat

Sweating is a natural reaction to stress for everyone, but someone with excessively sweaty hands or sweat stains may be perceived as nervous, stressed out, or unconfident. This can have an impact on many aspects of their personal and private lives.


Light at the end of the tunnel

Those suffering from hyperhidrosis sometimes search for years looking for a solution to their sweating. The frustration of trying to find a treatment combined with the adaptations one needs to make to their everyday lives can lead those who suffer from hyperhidrosis to become depressed.

Adapting handshakes into fist bumps, avoiding taking off shoes to hide smells, creams and powders can all add up and take a huge emotional toll on a person.

Luckily the iontophoresis method of treatment has a long history of success in treating hyperhidrosis. Up until now, however, iotophoresis machines were either really expensive or homemade and dangerous. Iontoderma has developed an iontophoresis machine that is affordable and successful.

With a 98% success rate and more than half of people using it seeing results after just one week, your first dry step to happiness is closer than ever.


You can read the study here.


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