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Hyperhidrosis: The Silent Handicap

 Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating can be a major problem for many people. Actually 9% of people between the ages 18 and 35 suffer from hyperhidrosis, It’s estimated that about 15.3 million people in the United States alone suffer from this affliction.

What’s most concerning is how many of those suffer in silence.

Half of people suffering from hyperhidrosis don’t talk about it to anyone.

Too many people suffer in silence and spend their day to day lives trying to hide their sweating.

Hyperhidrosis can take a very real toll on your self esteem. Look at what some of these people say about their battle:


If you’ve had it for a while, you’re probably very good at hiding it.”



I decided to “come out of the closet” and tell the world that I have this, which was actually really hard back then.”



I got back from having gone to the shops and by the time I got back I was absolutely drenched in sweat and my flatmates asked if it was raining outside. It was embarrassing.”



Author of “My journey to dryness”

My whole life I’ve been afraid of shaking hands. I was always ashamed of taking off my shoes in public.”


Finding treatments that work can be a challenge. Some products are wildly expensive, while surgical procedures can be invasive.

The iontophoresis method of treatment has a long history of success in treating hyperhidrosis but up until now, it has always been expensive. Luckily, Iontoderma has developed an iontophoresis machine that is affordable and successful.

It boasts a 98% success rate with 55% of people seeing results in just one week of treatment.

Take the first step to dry feet and hands with Iontoderma today.


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