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Say Goodbye to Excessive Sweating with Iontoderma

Incredible! Iontoderma has created a revolutionary treatment for sweaty palms and feet that has truly changed my life! I just had to share it with you.

If you or a loved one suffers from excessive sweating of the palms and feet, you need to read this news right away!

Like more than 3% of Americans, I was suffering from a disease called “hyperhidrosis”, a fancy name that means that you sweat more than the average person. “Hyperhidrosis” has been called the silent handicap, because many of those inflicted choose to suffer in silence. Sadly, this results in them bearing the emotional and psychological burden of this condition all by themselves.

Iontoderma has created the ultimate solution!

Our product called Iontoderma ID-1000 will cure your hyperhidrosis without any invasive procedures or costly treatments.

Sounds too good to be true? I know, I’ve read the same statement on numerous occasions and have grown to mistrust them. Contrary to these false claims, our machine uses a proven process called “iontophoresis” that stops your sweating. 

How does it work? The machine uses electricity and the minerals contained in tap water to create a chemical reaction that renders your skin impermeable to sweating. In other words, with Iontoderma your skin becomes “sweatproof”.

Iontoderma offers a user-friendly fool-proof machine for $399, with guaranteed results or your money back! The device have been awarded 'Best Value for Money' on, the leading iontophoresis machine comparison website.

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The vast majority of our customers are 100% dry after completing less than 7 treatments! The Iontoderma ID-1000 can treat both sweaty hands and feet.

Iontoderma has already changed the life of thousands of clients this year alone with the support of our team of experts. That’s why Iontoderma has the best customer support in the entire industry. Don’t believe us? Our reviews speak for themselves.

Hyperhidrosis can lead to anxiety, isolation, depression, and even life threatening diseases. You have no reasons to endure that problem anymore. Iontoderma has the solution for a sweat and anxiety free life!

Buy your own Iontoderma ID-1000 and claim your life back from hyperhidrosis!

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- Elizabeth

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