New study shows that excessive sweating is much more common than you thought.

Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Well, you’re certainly not alone. A new study has revealed that almost 5% of Americans suffer from this condition. The prevalence rates are even higher for those between the ages of 18 and 39 years old-- reaching approximately 9%.

This study demonstrates that previous assessments greatly underestimated the prevalence of excessive sweating. Sadly, almost half of those who are forced to live with this condition never mention it to their health care professionals. Since excessive sweating is still a taboo, they are forced to suffer in silence.

These conclusions prove troubling for Patricia Walker, MD, PhD, the leader of the study. Dr. Walker reveals that “not only is the prevalence much higher than previously thought, but there is a clear and urgent need for greater awareness of hyperhidrosis and its treatment options among medical professionals and those living with the condition”.

The time has come to speak out. No one should feel ashamed or feel like a hostage of their sweating. Solutions exist and people who suffer from this condition need to know about them. To celebrate awareness around excessive sweating, Iontoderma is offering a 10% discount on its amazing solution. Use the promo code SPECIALDOZENS to benefit from your discount!

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