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7 Reasons Why Having Sweaty Hands Is the Absolute Worst

Having sweaty hands is the absolute worst. Just in case you need convincing, here are 7 reasons why :

1. Everybody thinks that a dog just licked your hand.


2. Every text seems to resemble a drunk text.


3. Catching things becomes even harder.


4. Holding something in your hand? Forget about that.

5. Holding hands is awkward enough without sweaty hands.


6. Handshakes... How did they even become a thing?


7. It makes it SO much harder to play Pokemon Go.

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How excessive sweating affects you

Hyperhidrosis can stain books and papers by leaving smear marks or wet spots, it can make typing on keyboards slippery, sticky or just plain uncomfortable, and make sports like baseball or tennis really difficult to play because of a lack of grip or faster deterioration of the grip material.

Let's talk about sweat

To break the taboo around excessive sweating, let’s explore the common negative effects of excessive sweating.

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