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How to Treat Sweaty Hands and Feet with Iontophoresis?

Since 1968, tap water iontophoresis has been employed as the method of choice for treating sweaty hands and feet.

Tap water iontophoresis is a treatment for excessive sweating that interferes with the sweat glands just below the outer layer of the skin. Our treatment will treat more than 98% of cases of patients with excessive sweating of the hands or feet.

Iontophoresis causes no known side effects and its efficiency does not decrease over time.

A simple 10-minute session once a day is often all it takes to achieve a comfortable perspiration level. Only slight sensations of discomfort can occur during treatment.

Contrary to cream or medication, tap water iontophoresis machines do not rely on potentially harmful chemicals. Since excessive sweating is a lifelong condition, our solution promotes the use of chemical free treatment.

Treatment for smelly feet

It is a well-known fact that excessive sweating from feet will cause feet odors to emerge. This situation will increase if you are physically active all day. Children are especially subject to this.

The Iontoderma iontophoresis device has a 98% success rate at suppressing excessive sweating and will, therefore, suppress feet odors. 

Would you like to try our iontophoresis device to treat excessive sweating?

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Sweaty hands don't make you a bad leader!

With the amount of attention political candidates have given to excessive sweating, it makes us wonder why they see sweating as a weakness. 

Do sweaty hands run in your family? Digging into the sweat gene.

 In a recent study, it was found that there was a genetic history of hyperhidrosis in at least 50% of the patients being evaluated.

Don’t Sweat It

Sweating is a natural reaction to stress for everyone, but someone with excessively sweaty hands or sweat stains may be perceived as nervous, stressed out, or unconfident. This can have an impact on many aspects of their personal and private lives.

Maltese Prime Minister says his opponent is a “chicken” with “Sweaty hands”

The Prime Minister of Malta felt like it was justified to ridicule his opponent about his sweaty hands.

Hyperhidrosis: The Silent Handicap

Most people with hyperhidrosis don’t talk about their condition because they may be embarrassed, or don’t even know the condition exists.

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