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We are heartbroken, really… here’s why and how you can help.

We started iontoderma with one goal: offering an affordable solution to people who suffer from excessive sweating of the hands and feet. We know it sounds a bit odd, we get that reaction all the time.

One of the founders of iontoderma actually suffers from excessive sweating, a condition also known as hyperhidrosis, and we were alarmed by the lack of alternatives there were to treating this disorder. We made it our mission to change that.

Together, we decided that we would build an accessible iontophoresis machine in order to help as many people as possible who suffer from excessive perspiration. With a business plan in one hand and a scientifically proven treatment in the other, we thought that we were ready for anything-- then something unexpected happened.

Day after day we began to receive countless heartbreaking testimonials from people who suffer from hyperhidrosis. Parents told us stories of their children who didn’t want to play with other kids due to the self consciousness caused by sweating. Others confessed to us how hard it was for them to find a significant other as they were ashamed of their condition. We even had people admit that excessive perspiration was making their life so miserable that they had contemplated suicide.

Hopefully you’re getting the bigger picture here: excessive sweating has a profound psychological effect on those who suffer from it. Yet nobody seems to talk about the condition. Sweating is such a taboo that hyperhidrosis has been named the “silent handicap”.

We have taken it upon ourselves to end the silence surrounding excessive sweating. But we need your help. Either you are part of the 3% of the population suffering from hyperhidrosis or you know someone who is affected by the condition. We challenge you to start an open dialogue with your peers in order to break the taboo associated with this condition. You’ll soon realize that there is no reason to sweat about it.


- Elizabeth

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