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Back in May, I was contacted by a Canadian company, Iontoderma, asking if I would be interested in reviewing their product, the Iontoderma ID1000. This piece of kit is designed to help those who suffer with hyperhidrosis, so of course, I jumped to the chance to try this out.   

Before discussing the product itself, let’s cover the packaging. Shipped all the way from Canada to me in Scotland, the box that arrived was well-packaged with polystyrene pieces, while the kit itself was wrapped in a significant amount of bubble wrap. If you have any concerns that your order could be damaged in transit, rest assured, your fears are unfounded. Worth remembering and considering is whether or not you’ll have to any pay import or duty tax on your order. This can often catch people by surprise so you may wish to research your country’s laws regarding this.

Inside your Iontoderma kit, you’ll find the following pieces of equipment: A power supply, stainless steel electrodes, a plastic briefcase, connectors, banana plugs, soft protection mats and the instruction manual. Additionally, to these, I received a small tub of moisturizing cream, which I think many people would really appreciate. In case you’re wondering, Iontoderma will send you the correct plug for your country, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Using this product is pretty simple. I must confess, I, as with many people I’ve discussed this with while waiting for it, were somewhat concerned with the combination of water and electricity required here, but as long as you are sensible and follow the instructions, this product is completely safe.

In order to use the product, you start of by placing one steel plate into each side of the briefcase. On top of each, you place one of the mats. Next, fill each side with approximately 500 milliliters of tap water, or enough to ensure that the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet are covered. After this, insert the jacks from the power supply into the plates. At this point, you are ready to turn on the power supply and begin treatment by placing your hands or your feet unto the mats after turning on the power supply.

It’s recommended that you start with the lowest setting and increase power to as much as you are comfortable with for the best results. After about 10 minutes, you just switch the jacks around in order to invert the polarity of the current. Following 10 more minutes, you’re done.

You can do one treatment a day or increase the amount further depending on your needs. So, what did I make of the product? In order to best explain, it may help to discuss my own personal situation. As someone who suffers with full bodied hyperhidrosis, this product would only ever do so much for me. That said, anything that could help would be worth trying. My feet generally sweat to such an extent that I’m ruining socks and shoes to a rapid pace. As someone who walks and runs a lot, I’ve noticed the big difference in my day-to-day life. Of course, some days are worse than others, but all that means is that it’s time to have another round of treatment.

The rate at which I personally get through socks and shoes due to sweating means that while in the short-term, the kit may seem expensive, long-term, I won’t be spending as much money on footwear, so I think it works out overall.

Not only that but anyone who suffers with hyperhidrosis will tell you how much it knocks their confidence. Other people aren’t always as aware of it as we are, but as we are hyper aware of it at all times, it can make life very difficult. Anything that can give you the confidence to go on with your day and make the best of the cards you’ve been dealt is surely worth trying. For me, being able to take off my shoes without showing another pair of grotty socks and soaking feet to the world makes me feel so much better about myself not only in the moment but overall. Not having to worry when you are required to take your shoes off or shake someone’s hand is the feeling that I feel would potentially be worth the price for many people.

To summarize, would I recommend this product? Without a doubt! I have friends who have tried many different expensive treatments and medications in order to battle hyperhidrosis often with little long-term effects. Having a product in your own home which is compact enough to pack and travel with and which allows you to have the confidence to go out and feel better about yourself is, in my mind, worth it. I believe the cost is worth more in the long-term and being able to complete the treatment at home means not having to pay expensive procedures, such as botox on a regular basis.

For anyone who may be interested, I’m fortunate enough to be able to offer you a 15% discount when you order your own Iontoderma ID-1000. Use the code on screen now to claim your discount. If you bought this product, I would really love to hear what you think about it and how well it worked for you. If you have any questions about my own experiences, I would be happy to try and answer them. And if you are intending on buying the Iontoderma ID-1000, good luck! I hope you get the results you want!
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