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Hello everyone!

Today, as a 20-year-old student who has been troubled by palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis since little, I would like to share this iontophoresis machine which treats palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis with you, along with my review as a user.

The name of the product and company is called Iontoderma, which is produced and manufactured in Canada. It is also the latest equipment on the hyperhidrosis market.

To begin, I would like to talk about how I met them. About two months ago, I saw their ads on Facebook. That moment I thought, it was some kind of easy-money marketing. I did take a glance though, since it was very related to myself. Back then, I knew nothing about iontophoresis. Afterwards, I continuously saw their ads, it was like I was following them. About a month ago, they shared 2 YouTubers successful stories who had hyperhidrosis and asked to test the machine. I thought: Hey, this might work for me too! I want to try this out! After having discussions with my family, they were supportive. Though it didn't come with a crazy price, for a student who is not financially independent, it was quite a bit. So I gave up on it at that time.

After I processed my thoughts for a week or two, I thought, why not recommend myself? So I sent them an email, and they were willingly to support me. Our deal was, I would make a review video in exchange for some discount on the device. That's the reason why I'm making this video.

Next, let's take a look on my open-box. I'm going to quickly and briefly talk through all the accessories, then I will demonstrate the operation steps, and share my results at the end.

This is the package I received. It is carefully sealed in bubble wrap. There's nothing to worry about having damages to the goods. I got to say that the quality of their services are quite impeccable. We had some nice conversations on emails. The delivery speed was amazingly fast. I ordered on Monday afternoon, and I got it in three days. The distance was from Canada to Texas in the United States. It should take longer to ship across continents. Also, pay attention to the custom duty.

This is the equipment that we will be using later on. An easy-carrying, fine-looking small briefcase to hold water. It comes with, those white things are soft PVC protection mats. To avoid electric burns from directly contacting the electrified iron broad. They are durable and resisted to bacteria growth. A letter for users. English instruction manual. Those two metals are the stainless steel for conducting electricity. A bonus hand cream. Sometimes overdoing the treatment would cause dry skin. In the little box, it's the power supply equipment. A banana plug cable. Before the shipment, they will match the plug to your country’s type. So don't worry about that. Lastly, it's the power converter. That's all for our open-box.

Let's take a break, have a look of my palms. This is normal, almost every time I use something for the first time, I can never hold back from the sweat. It probably has something to do with my anticipation and caution when opening the box. This is my max output, you can see that my sweats are dripping. Let's get back to the point. Next, I'm going to do a quick demonstration. There is one as well on their website that you can check out. First, insert the steel boards with the plug sides face inward. Stack up the pads, connect the banana plug, red is the positive electrode, and black is the negative electrode, then pour about 500cc of tap water to each side. Keep in mind that it has to be tap water. Filtered water will not work. We need the minerals to conduct electricity. You can always add baking soda or salt to increase electrolyte content or substitute the minerals. Plug everything in, adjust to the current that you are most comfortable with. For the first time, we suggest you to start from the lowest 12V. Once the timer is set, you may begin. At first, you feel numb and weird. You will be used to it after a few minutes. The official suggests to enter the water from palms, where skin is the thickest and leave the finger tips to the last. Spend 10 to 15 mins on each charge. Having some redness is normal. Of course, when it gets overwhelming or when it's too painful, please stop immediately. After first round, dry your hand and unplug the power cable. Switch up the positive and negative electrodes, follow the same steps and repeat another round. After being done with hands, feet are next. If you are as lazy as I am, who don't feel like pouring out and putting back the water, you could lower the water level by lifting up the boards. That way water wouldn't spill out as easy. Repeat the same steps but try to increase the voltage, since the skin is thicker on feet. Don't forget to switch the charges.When the treatment is done, pour the water out. Remember to dry all the equipment so there won't grow some nasty stuff.

This chart has the data I recorded for my sweat condition since my first treatment for 2 weeks. Each bar represents the worst amount of that time. It's not like I sweat the whole section time. It does not matter on when to do the treatment. I do the treatment around 8pm. According to most users who go through iontophoresis treatment, large amount of sweat occur in the first few days. My condition was similar, especially on the 8th. The entire day I used 7 hand towels and 1 big towel for feet. I didn't feel very uncomfortable though, as I was used to these random enormous sweat. As you see, my sweat occurrences decrease slowly. Normally we see the result after one week. But my case was more severe, it took me 9 days to experience the feeling of zero sweat. Also, please remember to take a break of the treatment once 90% of sweat has reduced. The last four empty cells represent the pause of my treatment. Until now, I have enjoyed 4 sweat-free days. The last 3 times of sweating were relatively short stopped within 20 minutes.

Finally, I've successfully relieved from the misery of hyperhidrosis. (but not completely yet) Could you image how rare it is to carry a 35 lb backpack hike 15 miles in a natural forest trail with only minor sweat? See how happy I am! (haha) Can't wait to try out? It's on sale now, $399 USD per set. And I have a 15% off coupon code (FORMINHUNG) from Iontoderma for you to use. That is more than $50 USD off instantly!

Don't forget to use it at check-out if you decide to purchase it. If you're not sure yet, that's fine. They provide a 60-day satisfaction guarantee for you to try out. You can unconditionally return the item if you dislike or find it inefficient. Trust me! If you sweat as crazy as I do, once you stop sweating as badly, you can carefree to shake people's hands or hold onto your significant other's hand, your life WILL change According to Iontoderma, they have a 98% successful rate with over 1200 users. I believe that you can succeed like I do.

Want to know more? Go check out their website. If you find reading English challenging, a portion of their new website coming up next month will have Chinese translation. Hope that would help you out. Or you can interact with them directly from the online chat tool. They are really nice. (Say hi to him for me!).

For the next video, I will continually update on my treatment results, share my life with hyperhidrosis and stories with you, talk about why iontophoresis is the best treatment for palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis in my opinion, compare the pros and cons of some iontophoresis machines on the market, and why I eventually choose this one. That's all for now! Thank you for watching. Leave a comment even just to say hi to me :D See you next time!

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