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Video transcription

This season, give the gift of dry hands!

Hey guys! What is up? Welcome back to my channel! So you’re probably like, Jodi, what are you smoking? I’m not, don’t worry!

So, I want to make this really quick video. I know it’s only like three days before Christmas, so I want to mention this again for you guys.

So I know you all guys who subscribed to me recently have been because of my hyperhidrosis videos, and I want to make this really quick just to quickly mention to you guys that I still have a coupon code that can take 15% off to get this lovely little machine.

If you guys know someone in your life who has hyperhidrosis, then you guys know how much it affects people who have it. Anybody who’s joining, I feel like I’m on like the radio… for everyone who’s now joining us, we’re talking about. We’re talking about hyperhidrosis. It’s actually a condition on your hands and your feet, or can be on your underarms too that causes, excessive sweating.

And so I got sent this machine, I wanna say, back in summertime. Like I said, my hyperhidrosis is pretty much all the way gone. I am so thankful for this machine and I want to make a really quick video just for like the holidays. If you’re looking for a last-minute present for somebody who has this condition, or maybe they don’t even know it exists, or maybe they keep talking about it and they don’t know this, this even is out there for them.This is the Ionto… Ion…Uh, I-Ion… I can’t say it. This is the Iontoderma, hyperhidrosis kit. For the most part, I think it has like a 95% success rate. If you guys go to their website, it’s actually insane, so I just want to make this really quick video just letting you guys know that the coupon is still good.

It’s always in the down bar, so if you guys are interested in helping your friend out, or honestly honestly, let’s be real, let’s be real here, how many of you guys buy Christmas presents for yourself? Hands up, hands up! I buy year-round, year-round, it’s year-round!

If you have dealt with hyperhidrosis long enough and you’re kinda like, “I’ve had enough!” Buy this for yourself! Christmas present for yourself, right? It’s a little bit more expensive, but uhm, the discount code does give you 15% off, so uhm, it’s worth it. It’s so worth it, like if you want to get rid of this, it’s so worth it. It’s a lifelong machine you can have and use continually to help. Can’t talk!

I hope guys enjoyed this video! Like I said, I just want to make this really quickly just to mention that the code is still good. If you have been thinking of like buying it, if it’s kinda like on the edge of your mind, jump off the cliff, do it! Okay, let me just tell you, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m so thankful that I was able to try this, and use it and be cured. So I hope you guys have a fantastic rest of your day and have a great Christmas! Christmas is in like 3 days, I think, so party, party! And I’ll get in touch with you guys later! Bye!

Video transcription

Too-too-doo-too-doo! Well, how did there? I'm just kidding! (laughs) Hey guys! What is up? And welcome back to my channel. So today, I am so excited if you can tell by my face. Oohhh~ you need to learn faces better. (coughs) My eye has been twitching for about three months now. Off and on and I'm wondering if I should get that looked at. So in today's video I am doing a follow up video on my hyperhidrosis video. Uhm... if you guys didn't see that, it was a lot more popular than a lot of my other and if you want to see that whole thing, go ahead and look at it. Uh, the video had a very negative, uhm... view on it just because I was in the pit of despair and I was like, "My life is horrible", uhm... which is not true, I know that. But basically, if you guys don't know what hyperhidrosis is. Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating in the hands and the feet and it is something that just they don't know what causes it. It's just in some people and some people it's not. Uhm, and so I have that, and that video is kind of my experience with it and kind of what was happening and all that jazz. And a company contacted me and they were like, "Hey! We saw your video. We want to give you this. Uhm, we want to give you discount to your subscribers and you can use it obviously and tell us how it works." And I am so excited to be doing a video about that. Uhm, I've done it three times so far and it worked so well. My hands are like already less sweaty. I'm so excited to share it with you guys because for anybody who has this condition... I think it's really easy for people who don't have this to look at people who do have it and kind of like underestimate the amount it affects our lives and so I was just excited to get this machine and just you know, try it out and see if it work and it definitely did it. I have a discount code for you guys. I would say the first time I did it the... like it made my hands sweat less by like, at least forty percent... like a huge difference, I noticed. And uhm, I'm so excited. I haven't done it full seven days in a row yet but I want to get this video out there for you guys because I just like couldn't wait any longer. I was like, "This is so exciting. I can't wait to share with you guys." So I hope you guys can see me 'cause I am kind of white but I am here, don't worry. I was so, so excited to get this machine and I think that hyperhidrosis affects a... so much of your life, like you don't even know. And so for me, like the idea and the chance to, like I know this sounds extreme but just track with me here. The idea of living a normal life was just like so amazing. I almost started crying when I got it like, "This is my... my future!" So if you guys have hyperhidrosis, I know a lot. I got a ton of comments on my last video, just people being like, "I have the same thing, you know, blah blahs..." And once was like, "We should have a meet up" and I was like, "That is such a good idea" because I think that it is a very specific kind of like, I won't say a disorder or disease 'cause that's not what it is but it's a very specific type of condition and so people who have it like myself, uhm, we know how much it affects every life and I think it's just I've touched on that in my last video, it affects a lot of your life. Uhm, and I also mentioned and this was actually cool like, right after that video, got a lot of sweet comments and I was reading [incomprehensible] just processing everything and I was like, "You know what, it's not the end of the world, like, yes I do have this condition which makes it uncomfortable sometimes to be around people or just you know, to touch people and be physical with people but I was like, "That's not going to define me" and I think that we especially as girls, I think that we think, overthink everything. Unlike my issue was like, I was like "I don't want to hold a guy's hand or anybody's hand because I have sweaty hand and how gross is that. Nobody wants to hold hand with somebody who has sweaty hands and I was like, "You know what, I was like 'screw it!'" (laughs) Like, I'll find somebody who like me for me than if that is going to turn them then they're stocked. They're sucked. But anyways, now that I'm getting the help that I need. Sound likes a drug addict, I'm not. (laughs) Okay so I have to say you guys a funny story. So I go to gym every single day of my life and I have like this BCAA, like amino acid thing and I shook it up one time (laughs) and I opened it and there's like all this white powder and everyone was looking at me and I was like, "It's not what it's look like!" Really funny. So don't do drugs is the moral of the story there kids. Oh why was I even going with that? Oh yeah! I was like, "I am not gonna let that define me as who I am and I think that our flaws and... and the things that makes us, us... us us... (laughs) is super cool and this may not be cool and I may not like it. I may hate it and I may want to chop off my hands. But I'm not gonna do that because it's who I am and in the end of the day I think I'm a great person. I hope that doesn't come across as like stuck up, as rude but my eyes are twitching again. I think it twitches whenever I talk about something I... I'm passionate about, like working out. When I talk about working out it's like [making noises]. So as far as what to expect, honestly, I have a really funny story actually. Hold on, one second. All right. This is Laura. This is my sister. You guys know her. Oh god.

Let's go down.

I can't. Butt's too big. Laura, we're going to break the chair.

So I'm going to talk like this.

Mine's worse but Laura (laughs) has the same condition. So well, we set up the machine.

I look so small.

I look so white. We set up the machine (laughs) and the little dial thing I had turned around and so it looked like it was on the lowest setting and so she put her hands in the water and she was like, she's like "Aw! Aw!" She's like, took it out like, the first like, two seconds and I was like, "Laura, what the heck are you doing?" She's like, it... it tingles. (laughs) and burns. (laugh)

It hurts.

And her hands are like white and I was like, "What the heck? You're such a wimp." It's on the lowest setting and then I turned it around. I had it on the highest setting and she had her [incomprehensible] for the first time ever. (laughs)

I had both of my hands (laughs) and put the water down. It would be like stinging and like, burning and I'm like, I'm like, "Ouch! Stupid! It hurts!" (laughs) She's like, "No, just put it all the way in!" And I was like, [incomprehensible] (laughs)

Anyways, I felt really bad. Long story short. That's all I want. I don't even know why you need to be here because I just told that... (laughs) [incomprehensible] Anyways, did you notice a difference?

Uhm, yeah. That night... (laughs) uhm...

I noticed like a 40 percent difference.

It was like... how's the word...


No. (laughs)

Like the desert scorched? Parched?

Yeah, kind of like scorched. (laughs)

It's just because I think we're not used to have your hands dry and so like for me, it felt weird. I was like, "Whoa!" But I noticed like, when I first [incomprehensible] the first time...

[incomprehensible] lotion something [incomprehensible]

Yeah. Yeah. So you can leave.

Well, I am here now so... (laughs)

[incomprehensible] You're ruining my professional... professional just getting like I'm never be a professional. But I guess, [incomprehensible] to talk like the actual feeling of what it feels like so, I noticed than it kind of feels like a stinging nettle if you guys have ever been stung by stinging nettle. It kind of feel like that but like a very like, low... stop. (laughs) It feels like that but not as extreme and so what you do is, you put your hands in the water for 10 minutes and then once the ten minutes is up, you... and then you put it up. Select the highest you can, like withstand it. Uhm, I didn't like the third one up, I think. It's because I want to actually feel it working and so then, you switch off the little switched around. Pretty easy to figure out and I did it on my feet as well and I noticed a huge difference on that too, like I think I noticed like a 40 percent like decrease which is I know a lot like, I seriously noticed that so I'm super excited with that because asking now, it's not something fun. Close that door. Everybody's judging me. So yeah, I know this video is kind of all over the place but I was just super excited when I found it and I was like, "This is something that could change a lot of people's lives" because on my last video that I did, I got so many comments from just all of you guys and I know I got a lot of people subscribing to my channel. Because of that video, just because there's so many people out there who have this condition but I feel like it's really hard to actually find somebody in your life who has it too so, I'm gonna go ahead and link down this company and... uhm, their website and everything down below, and they gave me a 15 percent off coupon for you guys. This machine is $400 which I know is a lot of money. Uhm, but I mean, us, people who have it, I would have paid $400 for... I got it sent it to me for free to try out but I would have paid for it honestly if I knew it worked because I think people who have it, we kind of know how much it like, affects us and it kinda sucks. So I was like, you know if it works or at least makes a little bit of diff[erence]. My friends and I was down to try it so yeah, uhm, I'll go ahead and link everything down below. If you guys have any questions or anything like that, let me know. Uhm, and yeah, I'm super excited to find this. I think it's really exciting. I think it's going to help change a lot of people's lives for the better. (laughs) Peace and love! See you all. Talk to you guys later. Bye!

Bye! (laughs)

Video transcription

[noises] I make Sharpay. [noises] (laughs) Lord, have mercy on my soul. Hey guys! What is up? Welcome back to my channel. So today, I want to do a follow up video on my last video I did on hyperhidrosis. It got super popular and I promised that I will show you guys how I actually use the machine. So today, I'm gonna be showing you guys how to actually use the machine as far as like, how you set it up and stuff like that. So I want to go ahead and show you guys the actual kit - what it looks like. This is what you will be getting. Wow! I covered a lot of topics in the last 25 second. I was just [making noises]. So this is what the actual package looks like that you get and this is from the brand called Iontoderma. Don't know if I said that right, hopefully I did. But this is what it looks like and I want to kind of go over what you get inside of the actual kit. Uhm, I will be showing you guys at a demo. So if you guys are new and this is the first video of mine that you were watching, I have hyperhidrosis and I posted a video awhile ago. Uhm, a company reached out to me, contacted me and decided to send me this machine for to try it out. It has secured my hyperhidrosis about 70 percent and I have been doing a lot more regularly, re-gu-lar-ly now. Now I am so excited, so in love with this and so happy, so so so, that I finally found a product that works. I think that... uhm, is a fantastic machine. It is $400 but you guys, if you have this you know what kind of struggle it is daily and I think that it's totally worth the money. Uhm, and I know that it works differently on some people... uhm, but from what I've seen, like most people who use it have a success rate and I think like, you know you can get rid of it, like 50% or cut in half by 50% is totally worth it so I really, really recommend this machine. Uhm, I have a coupon code down below that gives you 15% off so it's a really a good deal. Uhm, the code is for you guys to use it. Definitely use it, check it out but I highly recommend it. So without further ado, I want to go ahead and show you guys the demo video of me actually doing it. Uhm, so I hope you guys enjoy them. Cut it out right now.

Uhm, so when you go ahead and get this, it comes with all the equipment that you already need and basically how you set it, it's really simple. So it comes like this and you go ahead and just place the actual little metal pans into the container and you go ahead and put the little mats for them. And then, you're going to want to go ahead and just match up black to black and red to red. So as you guys can see it, it has little different numbers and it starts at 12 and goes all the way up to 24. Uhm, what they recommend is you do... uhm, the first session you to do just that what you feel comfortable. You never want... you would do it to where it's like really hurting yourself or anything like that. Just going to feel comfortable and I like to kind of go up as far as I can when I do these sessions just because I want to get the most out of each session. And then you put in two cups of water into each side and you want to use tap waters. I'm just gonna go ahead and pour into the other as well. And then, you begin the fun part which is the actual treatment . I actually have to switch around. I'm going to go ahead and turn it the right way. So then you just want to submerge your hands and I'm gonna go ahead and put up the volume just a little bit and you want to start like this, and kind of just use you weight into it. And then, you just wait for 10 minutes and once 10 minutes is up, we're gonna go ahead and switch this. Alright guys. So I just hadfinished my 10 minutes on this. So I just unplug the machine and go ahead and switch around these wires and then, another 10 minutes and I'll let you guys know and done with that. So I hope you guys enjoyed that demo. I want to let you guys know I actually did use this on my feet as well and I wore sandals that day and it was like, 95 degrees outside where I live. I wear sandals and usually I'll just have really sweaty feet just because it's hot outside plus the hyperhidrosis but it felt like, I didn't have any sweat. My feet were just barely sweaty and that's insane so I was just so excited, like I just like it was a good [incomprehensible] of how well it works because I kind of stopped using it for a while and I just am so in love with it. I totally recommend it, like I mean I don't know what other solution there is like, if you can get this for 400 bucks, try it out. I think it's totally worth it. You know the only other method to cure a hyperhidrosis that we know so far is like Botox or surgery to remove the nerves and those are both very expensive. And this is also expensive but for a lot less and it actually does work. I'm very, very impressed with this machine. But if you guys like any other videos of this machine or if you'd like to have like updates throughout a certain time, let me know. My sister's calling me all along. Let me use the phone. Hello. Anyways, I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you enjoyed the demo. I hope you guys go ahead and check this machine out. I think it is a perfect solution to your problems. (chuckles) I know I had such a problem saying perfect does, like perfect (chuckles). But thank you guys so much for watching and I'll talk to you guys on the next video. Bye!

Check out this braid. Isn't super cool? It's [incomprehensible] Bye!

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