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Hello every you all. Welcome back to my channel. Today I'll be doing a step-by-step video tutorial on how to use this device that controls the sweat on your palms and even your feet. So it's one of the problems of the people - the sweaty palms, like your feet sweat every time... and even our feet and hands. So I wanted to try out this device because I also suffer from spasm. Like I have sweaty palms, that's why sometimes when there is a meeting, it is so embarrassing to shake hands or whatever because of sweaty palms. So if ever you have sweaty palms or sweaty feet, let me know in the comment box below your embarrassing moments when it comes to having sweaty palms and feet. So I'll be showing you what are the contents of this product and how to use it. Okay, so this is what the Iontoderma device looks like. It comes in a plastic briefcase containing all the contents and then you will see stainless steel electrodes. You will get two stainless steel plates. Next is the AC to DC power supply. You will also get the connectors, banana plugs, soft protection mats and the instruction manual. You can star by placing the case on a level surface, away from any power supply. Cover them with the place mats and connect both banana plugs. Plug the banana cable into the power supply. Then go ahead and fill the tray with 500ml of tap water. Adjust the voltage output level to the desired level. So I must admit, I am very afraid to use the product because there is electricity and all of that so I wanted to test out the lowest voltage first. I cannot feel anything in the first level and then I moved to the second level and there I already felt the tingling effect on the palms so it is like electricity but it is not super shocking. Very tolerable but then again, if you're sensitive to uh, electricity or something to that effect, I suggest you use a lower voltage. In the middle of your treatment, you need to switch the banana plugs so that way both hands will feel the effect. Start by doing a session of 10 to 15 minutes on each polarity everyday at the highest comfortable level until you notice that the sweating has stopped. You can now stop with the treatments. That's it for my how-to video on using the Iontoderma device. I hope you enjoyed watching. I have a discount code for you guys down in the information box. Thank you so much for watching. I'll see you in the next video. Bye!

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