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Video transcription

Hi guys! Shaunna here again to give you my official one-week review on the Iontoderma ID-1000, that was sent to me by a Canadian company by the name of Iontoderma a few weeks ago. They contacted me because of my hyperhidrosis story. If you haven’t seen that already, I’m gonna go ahead and link that over here. And they basically gave me the opportunity to test out their product so that I could review it for you guys and let you know that their product does in fact work because it does in fact work, okay.

So if you’ve been following this little like series thing that I have going on with this whole Iontoderma thing, then you already know that I’ve been using it for a total of a week now, so I’ve used the treatment on my hands and my feet seven times total now. So if you haven’t seen my other two videos, I have a video about me unboxing the Iontoderma. I’ll go ahead and link that right here.

Basically, after using it four times, if you listen to what I talk about in the video, you understand why I say that I used it four times even though I technically used it five. I’ll go ahead and link that right here.

But today I’m making this video because this is seven total treatments of having used the Iontoderma ID-1000 and I wanna give you my 110% honest review of this product. I almost feel like I don’t even have to give you a review because I’m going to show you something real quick. I went and I got my nails done.

I have hyperhidrosis, AKA excessive sweating, in my hands and my feet. I didn’t go get my toes done, but I’ll get to that in a second, but I literally got my nails done guys like I have excessive sweating in my hands. Well, I did and I don’t anymore, and I went and got my nails done.

Listen to the sound that my hands make when they rub together. They’re completely dry!

My hands are completely dry guys. Well, my palms are completely dry. The only thing that still sweats very very very slightly is this part of my hands right here, from the tip of my fingers to my knuckles. Uhm, those get very very very slightly sweaty, and so I did start changing up the way that I use the machine in order to counteract that basically, which is wearing cotton gloves while I use the product and what that does essentially is it allows you to use the appropriate amount of electric current running through the water so you don’t have to add an extra water, you know, to completely submerge your hands because if you add too much water, the current isn’t going to do its job correctly because you’re disabling the current from being as effective as it possibly can by giving it more water to conduct through, so the less water, the more it’s going to conduct through the water and be more effective on your hands. So, wearing the gloves, you get the gloves wet just right here or wherever your hands sweat and so when you’re doing the treatment, it will also cover those areas as well.

And same thing for your feet, the top of my toes get a little bit sweaty just like the top of my hands, and so I wear socks and make sure that that part of my feet is wet while I’m doing the treatment.

My hands are so dry that I’m meeting people and I’m like wanting to shake their hand. I am going up to them and I’m like, “Hi! I’m Shaunna!”

If you have hyperhidrosis, you know that you avoid hand contact as much as possible. I’m at work and I’m going in for high fives! Me, who used to have excessive sweating, is going in for high fives. I’m practically looking for any excuse I can at this point just to touch people’s hands just because I can. And I don’t mean that to sound weird in any way at all, but if you’ve had sweaty hands your whole life, then you know you just like, you would give anything to not have sweaty hands anymore.

So my feet, I’ve done seven treatments on as well just like my hands, and as I have stated in previous videos, you know there’s obvious difference between your hands and your feet. They won’t even do botox in your feet most of the time because the skin is so thick on your feet that the botox is pretty much ineffective.

I still have sweating in my feet. They do not drip anymore. They no longer drip. They still get sweaty, so I’m going to continue treatment on both my hands and my feet because I wanna continue my hands until this part is completely dry. So obviously it was dry enough for me to get my fingernails done. I didn’t feel embarrassed about it at all. I mean, my hands were barely even sweating guys, like barely even sweating. If they were even sweating the slightest amount of being embarrassed about, I wouldn’t have gone because that’s embarrassing and I was not trying to be embarrassed.

I’m going to keep doing my feet until they’re completely dry even if that means, you know, a month or two months of using this product. I will continue to do that and I’ll continue to keep you guys updated on the progress with all of that.

So, with that being said, let me go into the product a little bit more. If you haven’t watched my other videos and you just wanna go ahead and get the complete gist of the product from this video alone, so I’ll go ahead and insert my clip talking about it here.

So here is the plastic briefcase that it comes with and it also comes with two stainless steel electrodes. That’s what I’m placing inside. And I’m going to be placing the soft protection mats over each electrode. After doing this, I take the banana plug cable and you just connect it as shown. There’s an orange side and a black side. The orange is positive and the black is negative. Go ahead and plug it into the wall. I didn’t for this demonstration, but here I’m just showing you all the volts. You use this on the side to change the setting.

For demonstration purposes, I didn’t include any water in this but this is exactly what it looks like when I’m using it, minus the water. And here is what it looks like when you do your feet, except normally, I would be sitting down, but for the video purpose, I’m standing up.

One thing I did not include in that last clip was the instruction manual that it comes with. It tells you everything that you need to know in here about how to use the product and type of water and how long treatments should be, maintenance for your machine, like, there’s a lot of good stuff in here, like everything I feel like you could ever wonder about this machine is like right in here, so yeah, they include that in there for you. And also, I want to include the fact that this machine costs, it’s on sale right now, it costs $399, but I have a discount code and I’m going to put that right here. And you can go ahead, and you can use that code and you can get 15% off. 15% off of $399—that’s a good little discount so use that if you’re gonna go buy this, and if you’re not gonna go buy this, I don’t understand why because this thing seriously works, you guys. A hundred and ten percent, this thing worked for me, okay. I mean, obviously, I can’t guarantee that it’s going to work for you, but a hundred and ten percent, it absolutely worked for me.

So this product also has a two-year warranty, so if it breaks for whatever reason, which I don’t understand why it would break, but if it did for whatever reason, they’ll replace it for you. Also, it’s satisfaction guaranteed, so if you’re not happy with it, like, you can return it. If you’re not happy with it you can return it, so what do you have to lose? You have nothing to lose. They ship worldwide. They will send you the proper plug for your country. Like guys, this company is awesome.

Any questions, comments, concerns about this product whatsoever, go ahead, leave them in the comments below. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up. If you wanna stay tuned and see any updates that I have about the Iontoderma, make sure to subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video. Thank you for watching!

Video transcription

Hi guys! I’m super excited today to be showing you what I got sent in the mail. This video in pertaining to my hyperhidrosis, which is also known as like excessive sweating. I have a video about that on my channel already. I’ll go ahead and link it somewhere in this video if you wanna go watch that. This video in particular is gonna be about this package that I was sent by a company that contacted me through YouTube.

They created a machine that is designed to help your hyperhidrosis, if not like eliminate it altogether. And so today I’m just gonna be unboxing it so you guys can see what it looks like, what’s inside, and exactly what it is.

I’m also gonna be posting an update video of me having tried it for a few days and let you guys know if I’ve noticed any improvements or anything like that. And the company itself wants me to try it for a week and I guess after a week, you’re supposed to have noticed pretty dramatic results so I will be doing a video about that as well and then depending on my results, I will probably film, you know, a video two weeks from now or three weeks from now, or maybe like 6 months from now. So I’m definitely gonna keep you guys updated.

I also have a coupon code that the company is giving me to give to you guys, and so I will put that code in the description box below. This product does cost $399.

I’m also going to put a link on their website in the description box below. So if you wanna see what this machine is, what it looks like, keep on watching because I’m going to open this box.


Okay, so the box has been opened and this is what it looks like inside. There’s a name of company, Iontoderma, and as you can see, it’s very well wrapped in bubble wrap. I’m just gonna take that off now. I’m terrible at opening things, by the way, if you have not noticed.


Okay, so here is what it looks like all opened and out of the bubble wrap. So it comes in a plastic case, I guess. So I’m just gonna go ahead and figure out how to open this now. Apparently like that.

Okay, so in here, there’s like one mat… second mat… Here’s their instruction manual. So these are called stainless steel electrodes I guess, and it comes with two of those as well.


And it comes with like all the little wires and plugs that you’re gonna need  to like connect everything together. And they also included this hand cream and there’s a little note that said that they included this because your hands might actually become too dry, which is, you know, when you suffer with hyperhidrosis, that’s like kinda hard to believe, like what, my hands will never be dry, but I guess we will wait and see.

So I’m gonna go ahead and actually like put this together. I’m gonna go ahead and do a treatment today.

Okay, first thing is to place the metal plates inside of the plastic brief case. The second step is to take the mat and place it over the top of the plates, and there’s like a little hole for the little connector part that sticks up. It says to use 16 ounces of water in each tray, which converts to two cups of tap water, so I’m going to be filling up two cups right now and then pouring it in.


So in the manual, it says that you can add extra water to cover like the top part of your hands if you want to. It’s just like, not necessarily recommended because the skin up there is more sensitive than the bottom, like your palms. And so, I sweat, I mean like right here on my fingers too, so that’s something that I’m gonna wanna do, so I did add like half a cup more of water each, which doesn’t even cover the very top of my hands even doing that, but like it does get more like in between my fingers, which does get pretty sweaty. So I’m gonna try it like this, see what happens, and then, if I need to adjust it, I will do that.

So now, I’m gonna connect the power supply to it. So for the banana plug, you have like an orange wire and a black wire, and then the little, uhm, connector, gold connector things that are inside here also has the one has an orange ring around it and the other one has a black ring, so you just have to match it up.

Okay. It’s honestly like, kinda startling when you first put your hands in. It didn’t like shock me or anything. Uhm, but it felt like tingly at first, but I don’t really feel anything now. I mean, there’s a little bit of like, prickliness, but it’s like, I mean it’s totally bearable, you know.

This is, uhm, on 12 volts and this is the lowest setting, and you’re just supposed to increase it to as much as you can stand. Uhm, electricity really scares me, but this is okay. I promise, this is okay. So actually like, 10 to 15 minutes, you are supposed to, uhm, reverse the polarity so you need to take out the orange connector and the black connector and swap them. And otherwise, I guess only one hand will be treated, so that just like, obviously evens it out. So after about 10 to 15 minutes of me doing this, I say after 12 minutes, I’m gonna do it after 12 minutes because that’s in the middle, so… yeah!

If you have seen my video about my hyperhidrosis already, or like, you wanna go watch it now that you’re seeing this video, uhm, I do talk about how I made one of these at home once with two pipe ends and like little connectors and a battery, and I put my hands in that and I got shocked immediately, and it scared me so bad, I was like, I’m nev..I’m not doing this.

Uhm, so, I’ve definitely heard like about a lot of people using this type of thing and them like having a lot of success with it, so I’ve been really wanting to try this out. It’s just really cool that this company contacted me to do this. Uhm, because the little pipe end experience... kinda put me off wanting to try this again. But my hands have been getting really bad lately, so I got to do something about it.


Alright, so you didn’t see me do it but I, I’m going to swap out the cables and just do exactly what I just did. I didn’t feel like filming that because that’s boring, so I’m gonna do that off camera but if you guys are interested in, you know, keeping up-to-date with this and what I’m doing, and my experience with it, make sure to subscribe to my channel so that you can see the next video that I post. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments below, and I will see you guys on my next video. Thanks for watching!

Video transcription

Hey guys! Uhm, excuse my voice if it sounds sick because uhm, (chuckles) did have a cold for a week and that's kind of why I put this video off for a few extra days was because yesterday and the day before, you can barely understand me. But anyways, getting onto the point of this video. I said that I was going to post an update about the... uhm, product that I was sent in my last video by Iontoderma... uhm, for hyperhidrosis and so, I've actually done the treatment itself five times on both my hands and my feet. Uhm, I've noticed for my hands, I can tolerate usually 16 volts at the most and for my feet, I'm about 20 volts which is probably typical because the skin on your feet is a lot thicker than the skin on your hands. So after about five treatments, I can honestly say that I have noticed an improvement in the amount of sweating that I experienced. Right now, I mean, they feel they're not like completely dry but they're not like, obviously super wet and as I have stated in a previous video, my hands get so wet to the point where they are dripping sometimes, like you can physically see, like drops of sweat on my hands so for this to be the case, that's pretty cool. Uhm, I didn't have any coffee or anything like that that would cause my hands to sweat any more than usual so I would say today's a pretty... a pretty fair day to be able to say... uhm, that my hands are sweating as much as they are. I'm going to continue to use... uhm, the Iontoderma... uhm, product you know, continuously until my hands basically stop sweating... uhm, if that ever you know, the case. So I've done five treatments. Today I did my... my fifth treatment this morning, I noticed that I experienced results more so after I've like gone to bed and woken up the next day. That makes sense. So it's like, after you do the treatment, you need to go to bed and then wakeup and then be able to... that's when you can feel more of like more so be able to tell if it did anything for you or not. I guess that's what I'm trying to say. So when I continue to... you know, use this, I'm gonna use it two more days and then post my one week review on the product. Uhm, I'll probably go another week after that so, when I say like, a week of using the product, I mean a full 7 days. So I'm going to use the product two more times and I'm gonna sleep those 2 nights and wake up and do the review. And then, I'm gonna do 7 more treatments which would make it two weeks of treatment using the product and then, I'll do another video. And if it hasn't stopped by then which I kind of feel like it will have by then, just judging by like, how much it's improved already. Uhm, then I'll just keep using... I keep making videos. You do have to keep up with the treatments... uhm, every so often. It was saying something like, you can maybe get it to do. I have only got to do like, once every three days or like once a week so I'll keep you guys updated on that too. But yeah, I just wanted to check in and let you guys all know how was it going because I'm sure some of you are super anxious to find out if this is something that can work for you too. So, so far so good. Not completely dry but I feel like we're getting there... uhm, at least in my hands. Uhm, I honestly I haven't noticed like a drastic improvement in my feet but my feet are like, 10 times worse than my hands which I didn't even like, me saying that my hands drip sweat... that's saying a lot. So yeah, my... my feet are really bad. So, I'm... I'll keep you guys posted on the feet but yeah, definitely have, definitely, definitely noticed an improvement on my hands. So yeah, I'm gonna stick with it and I'll catch up with you guys soon so stay tuned. Make sure you subscribe if you wanna stay up-to-date on all of this and yeah, thanks for watching. See you guys later.

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