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Ultimately, there are 15.3 million people in the United States (far more than previously thought) with hyperhidrosis that can result in severe impairment in their daily lives, and many of them are not diagnosed or treated.
Iontophoresis Scientific Study - Hornberger
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Tap water iontophoresis is an effective and safe treatment for palmar hyperhidrosis and is preferred by some physicians as a first line treatment. In 5 observational studies of tap water iontophoresis, response rates were between 90% and 100%.
Iontophoresis Scientific Study - Park
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Patients rarely seek a physician because many are unaware there are many treatments for primary hyperhidrosis. Most (87.9%) of hyperhidrosis patients have sweating that is intolerable and always interferes.
Iontophoresis Scientific Study - Strutton
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Prevalence of hyperhidrosis in the US is 2.8% (9.1 million individuals).
Source : Strutton D., Kowalski JW, Glaser DA, Stang PE. American Academy of Dermatology 61st Annual Meeting; March 21­26, 2003; San Francisco, Calif. Abstract P362.
Iontophoresis Scientific Study - Walia
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This study clearly demonstrates the efficacy of tap water iontophoresis in the treatment of palmoplanter hyperhidrosis. 24 of 27 patients found it to be dramatically effective for the control of excessive palmoplantar sweating. Majority of patients found the maintenance schedule programme compatible with their lifestyle.
Iontophoresis Scientific Study - Rahel-Straus-Str
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Since 1968, tap water iontophoresis has been employed as the method of choice for treating palmoplantar hyperhidrosis..